Island Way Sorbet

Sweet Passion

From around the globe, Island Way Products has been importing and exporting specialty gourmet foods since 1998. As a joint venture between Island Way and Dynamic Commodities, the Island Way Sorbet brand began marketing to the food service industry in 2001. Our success soon expanded internationally and has been a welcomed frozen treat in North American, Japanese, and European retail markets and households.
Island Way’s exotic fruits journey from the palm-covered Indian Ocean islands, through the warm Mozambique currents, and amidst the sparkling white sandy South African shores. Taste the flavors of the islands in our handmade, time-honored European recipes made from pure mountain ice, infused with exotic fruits and creamy milks. Once served only to royalty, Island Way Sorbet continues this ancient tradition by distributing our refreshing low fat desserts throughout all regions of the world.



Each individual sorbet has a smooth, luscious flavor that is refreshing and calorie conscious. Nestled in natural fruit shells, these sorbets contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Island Way Sorbet maintains our commitment to a healthy lifestyle. So come on down and transplant your way to the lush tropical landscape of the island way, Island Way Sorbet.
” The Taste of a Never Ending Summer “

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