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With a high-quality, delicious sorbet, you won’t need to be at the beach for that tropical, paradisiacal island getaway. You can bring that sense of paradise into your own home with Island Way Sorbet. Our assortment of sorbets is made from real fruits and are served in an all-natural fruit shell— the same way you’d be served at a beautiful beach resort! You’ll feel like you’re a part of the island experience when you’re eating our delectable sorbets out of a natural coconut shell. We can’t promise you an exotic, beach-like paradise, but we can promise you a genuine, natural island treat!

Our sorbets truly are a frozen dessert in a fruit shell and they contain no added preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and with real fruit in each bite, you’ll be delighted with the assortment of flavors we have to offer. The genuine fruit shells are also an added bonus and are completely biodegradable, so there’s no harm to the earth. These delectable treats will give you those island vibes while decreasing your carbon-footprint.

Taste and presentation are important to us. That’s why every fruit shell is picked by hand and filled with our deliciously crafted real fruit sorbets. You can serve these at any event. Whether it’s at home for friends and family or for an island-style BBQ, our frozen desserts in a real fruit shell will bring life to the party. No matter the scenario, these sorbets are never out of place and they’re easy to share with everyone.

Where Can I Buy Island Way Sorbet?

We have participating retailers in many locations. When you want to know where to buy our real fruit sorbet, simply type in your zip code and find a local retailer near you! Get the taste of an island treat with our frozen sorbet in a fruit shell year round. You’ll be more than satisfied with our expertly crafted recipes and our keen eye for detail in presentation.


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