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Island Way Sorbet

Real Fruit Sorbet in the Desert

Imagine eating delicious, creamy, real fruit sorbet out of a fun, fruit shell. No, you are not in the Caribbean or any other tropical location. You can purchase Island Way Sorbet from several locations in the Las Vegas area. This expertly crafted sorbet is delightfully packaged in its original fruit shell. What a great way to impress your family and friends at the next get together, or picnic.

Since it is year-round summer here in Vegas, there is no better way than to beat the heat with Island Way Sorbet. Each serving is individually wrapped, bursting with flavor and is presented perfectly in a natural, fruit shell. Treat yourself today.

Delicious Sorbet

Island Way Sorbet is the perfect dessert for the desert. Relax, sit back, cool off and savor the pure goodness of our full-flavor, creamy sorbet. It is a delightful way to slow down and take a moment to enjoy simply delicious fun. Our packaging is biodegradable and our sorbet is a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Island Way Sorbet is easy to pick up from our convenient retailers throughout the Las Vegas, NV area. As its made from real fruit and crafted for the calorie conscious, it’s the perfect thing to stop by and pick up tonight. Surprise your family with a special treat tonight!

Easy to Find, Easy to Enjoy!

Island Way Sorbet is easy to find locally in Las Vegas. Click here to find the most convenient location to you. Bring home a taste of the islands for all your friends and family to share.