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Island Way Sorbet

The Taste of a Never-Ending Summer

Imagine eating delicious, creamy, nearly fat-free, real fruit sorbet out of a fun, fruit shell. No, you are not in Hawaii, the Caribbean or any tropical location. You need not travel farther than Salt Lake City, UT, to have such a perfect sorbet. You can purchase Island Way Sorbet, which is expertly crafted and beautifully packaged in its original fruit shell, in several locations across the Wasatch Front. What a perfect way to WOW your friends at the next summer barbeque, or your family when you all get together. Better yet, when the long, winter months have you down, what a great way to invite the tropics in to chase away the snowy season than enjoying our tropical treat. Individually wrapped for convenience, each serving is bursting with flavor and is presented perfectly in a natural, fruit shell, our product is a fun way to experience the feel of the islands.

Real Fruit Sorbet in Your Home

In the dry, arid desert of Salt Lake, the Summer months seem to drag on as they hit over a hundred degrees for weeks on end. Island Way Sorbet is the perfect dessert in the desert. Kick back, cool off and savor the pure goodness of our full-flavor sorbet. Packaged in a bio-degradable fruit shell, Island Way is a delightful way to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the simply delicious fun.

With over 10 locations from Ogden to Spanish Fork, Island Way Sorbet is easy to pick up and bring home tonight. It’s the perfect treat to surprise your family at any time of the year. Since it is made from real fruit and crafted for the calorie conscious, you don’t have to worry about additives and preservatives. You are providing a simply sweet and succulent treat for everyone to enjoy.

Easy to Find, Easy to Enjoy!

Island Way Sorbet is easy to find locally in Salt Lake City. Click here to find the closest location to you. Bring home a taste of the islands for all your friends and family to enjoy.