Real Fruit Sorbet the Island Way in Seattle, WA

Transport yourself to an island paradise where it’s always summertime and luscious, real fruit sorbet is served in an all-natural fruit shell. Island Way Sorbet brings you this delectable sorbet treat to a store near you, in Seattle, WA and across the country. Visualize yourself scooping rich spoonful’s of fruity sorbet out of a coconut shell while basking in the sun at a Hawaiian beach. While we can’t promise you the white sand beach backdrop, we can deliver on the Island Way Sorbet experience.

Every bite is brimming with flavor and will make you feel like you’re in a tropical bliss, even in your own backyard. Not only are they good tasting but they are good for you too. Our sorbet recipes retain their delicious taste while being nearly fat-free, with no added preservatives and containing zero artificial flavors or colors. The fruit shells are also eco-friendly because they are totally biodegradable while also adding some cool island flare.

The fruit shells are hand-picked and filled with exceptionally crafted real fruit sorbet that makes for a beautiful presentation. Let our sorbet inspire creativity wherever you choose to serve it. This treat is always welcome by party guests, whether it’s offered at a luau-style barbecue or just for the fun of it when you’re missing summer. We individually package each of our Island Way Sorbets to make it convenient for you to share with family and friends.

Try Island Way Sorbet in Seattle

Get in touch with these gourmet island roots and experience what a low calorie, smooth sorbet can taste like. The flavors we offer range from Zesty Lemon and Sweet Pineapple to Passionate Mango and Heavenly Coconut. You can order single flavor packs if you have a favorite one or mixed flavor packs if you can’t decide and want a variety. We have real fruit sorbet for everyone’s palate.

We present to you the taste of a never-ending summer with our exquisite Island Way Sorbet. Everyone can appreciate the enticing island zest that is real fruit sorbets. Sorbets in natural fruit shells are the perfect way to add a touch of tropical style. Purchase a pack at a participating food retailer in the Seattle area or have it delivered by ordering online.