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Island Way Sorbet

Real Tropical Fruit Sorbet in a Fruit Shell

Island Way Sorbet brings real tropical fruit sorbet to Vancouver, WA and the surrounding cities. It is truly the taste of a never-ending summer, with rich delicious flavors like Zesty Lemon, Crisp Apple, Mandarin Orange, Zesty Pomegranate, Sweet Pineapple, Passionate Mango, Passion Orange, Chocolate Coconut, Heavenly Coconut and Jammin’ Caribbean Pina Colada.

Our real fruit sorbets are lower in fat than traditional ice cream, while still delivering decadent and refreshing flavors. Bring a taste of the islands to your next party with Island Way’s fresh fruit sorbets packaged in a real fruit shell.

Island Way Sorbet for Vancouver WA

Impress your friends and family with delicious, real fruit sorbet made from only the best ingredients. Our sorbets all start with real fruit juice and real sugar while keeping fat and calories low. You can taste the difference with the quality of ingredients in our fresh fruit sorbet. Each serving is individually packaged in real fruit shells that have been hand-selected, so you only get the very best! Even when the weather in Vancouver is gloomy, take yourself and your loved ones to the tropics with this healthy, sweet treat.

At Island Way Sorbet, we care about the quality of our ingredients, down to the fresh fruit shells we use for our sorbet. The fresh fruit shells are more than just a beautiful way to package our desserts, they are also eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the environment with unnecessary Styrofoam!

Find Real Fruit Sorbet in Vancouver, WA

Transport yourself to the tropics with the sweet treat of Island Way Sorbet. It’s the taste of never-ending summer, for a break from the cold, rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you want to throw an authentic luau or just have a fun and different treat to share, Island Way Sorbet will be sure to impress your family and guests with our many delicious flavors and unique presentation.

Island Way Sorbet is available from a local retailer in a variety of packages. Enjoy a family pack, which contains 16 to 20 servings. Or, serve your office or party with our party packs that can range from 35 to 90 servings of delicious, fresh fruit sorbet in a real fruit shell. Find us online or at one of our local retailers, and make your summer last all year long.